Basement Loans

Basement Loans

If your basement is less than to be desired , consider basement financing. There are many projects that can be done in the basement to improve the look of it and add value to a home. A finished basement will allow you to have more space to store stuff without the hassle of having to worry if it is going to be ruined or not if it leaks.

If your basement is not finished, think about finishing it. A finished basement adds more to the assessed value of a home than one that is not finished. There are many possibilities to a finished basement. Maybe you are content with just having one large room in the basement to be used as a family room. Or a playroom for the kids. One could also put up walls and have bonus rooms, or use one as a utility room. Finished basements also make great offices because they are away from much of the active home space upstairs on the main floor. Or the homeowner may wish to have a spare bedroom added into the mix so when company stays, there is more privacy.

Another option if one does not need extra space and storage would be to set up a home theater in the basement. Besides being cool, this is a great way to spend more time together as a family.

The greatest benefit of finishing a basement is often times moldy and damp issues will disappear. These issues are often taken care of when new walls are put up. In order to finish a basement, all mold and mildew need to be removed. This means that the foundation on the house will stay strong or make them stronger depending on what work is all involved.

Did you know that when you finish your basement, you can count that area as the square footage on your home? Many unfinished basements do not get included in the total square footage of the home since they are not livable often times.

Basements are often the coolest part of the house. So why not finish the basement off and start enjoying time down there. It will save in energy costs because everyone will want to be downstairs in the cool instead of upstairs, sweating or trying to stay cool from a fan or the air conditioner.

Like stated above, many basements have issues with mold and mildew. This is where basement waterproofing come in. Mold and mildew thrive in areas that are damp and wet. And more than likely if your basement has mold or mildew or smells musty, it is not waterproof. Some will say they just add a dehumidifier to the room. Well that is great but it will not eliminate the issue completely. And it is a key fact to know that mold is lethal. No one should have to be around it, especially pets and children. So it is best to get it taken care of as quick as possible. Mold can cause asthma, sinus issues, and even cancers. It would be very beneficial to you and your family’s health to have this issue taken care of with a simple basement waterproofing. The easiest way would be to call a professional to look at your basement and give options on what he recommends. Mold is nothing to deal with if you do not know what you are doing, so let the pros help you out.

Adding closets to the basement is a lovely way to store items that you only need for part of the year. The main benefit of a closet is being able to store items so that they are out of site. Your home will not look as cluttered, and makes it very easy to organize it. Decide what sort of closet you need. Maybe you need a linen closet or one to store all your holiday decorations? Or maybe you just want an all purpose closet? Deciding what the closet will be used for first makes it much easier to design so you will know how big to make it.
Finishing your basement will allow you to have a bigger house. One that is organized with useable space. Many prospective home buyers like the idea of having a finished basement. Even if you only decide to finish a section of the basement, it is a step forward that can be completely finished when you decide to do so. So go ahead and finish your basement, making sure that is it waterproof to protect your investment now and in the future.