Exterior Home Improvement Loans

Exterior Home Improvement Loans

Everyone wants the outside of their home to look fabulous.  The exterior of the home makes the first impression as to what the rest of the home will be like.  A homeowner can take out exterior home improvement financing and have the gorgeous exterior that will set off the neighborhood and make the entire home look priceless.

One of the easiest ways to jazz up the appearance of a home is with exterior paint.  Exterior paint comes in a wide variety of colors, and colors can be matched or contrasted to give a look that is unique to the homeowner and the neighborhood.  Did you know that painting the outside of your home will decrease any risk there is for weather related damage?  Quality paints can help to minimize any damage and help to protect the surface of the home for years to come. It will help to extend life of your siding, thus giving more value to the home. The cost is lower than many other updates that one could incur outside the home.  Make sure to pick a paint that is high quality, as well as high quality tools to get the job done. One may also have a contractor come and paint the home instead of a do it yourself project. If you need help in picking colors that will look nice together or need help in deciding what tools to use, ask someone at the paint store for their expertise.

If you do decide to paint the outside of your home as a do it yourself project, there are some things that you should know.  First off, never paint direct sunlight as the heat will dry the paint too fast.  This will only cause blistering and peeling and there will be lap marks on the siding.  If there is a chance of rain, pick another day.  Windy days will only blow dirt and debris around, making it stick to your paint.  If your paint is latex based, only paint if the paint was made for withstanding temps of under 50 degrees.

A nice way to update the home is to install new garage doors.  There are many different types that are on the market now, making it very easy to customize how you wish for them to look.  One can pick from not only many colors but also what materials they are made from. One can decide if they want a single door or a double door, if they would like the door to be opened manually or with the click of a button.

The type of garage door that you pick will depend on what your personal style is.  One may wish to have an aluminum and glass door installed.  This look is contemporary and modern as the same time. Or there are steel doors that do not require much maintenance.  All wood doors add much appeal and look great with many homes.  These doors are not as tough as steel ones, and need to be refinished periodically.

If one can not afford wood doors, check into fiberglass doors. They often have patterns that mimic wood, making the door look wonderful on your home at a lower cost. They are water resistant, and will not warp.    Composite wood doors may be chosen if one is worried about the environment.  These doors are made from recycled wood fibers many times.

Sprucing up the outside of your home can make you wish to do a garage makeover.  A garage makeover will allow the family to go through the garage and get rid of things that are there due to the garage often acting like a catchall.  Storage units may be installed to organize every item in the garage.  Bikes may be hung from the ceilings with hooks, and rakes, shovels and similar items may have a spot on the wall. Keep similar items all grouped together, such as all the sports stuff, the lawn stuff, the tools, the fishing supplies.  Organizing the garage will allow that space to be utilized in a much better way.

If you have pets, one may consider adding an invisible pet fence to the home.  Invisible pet fences are not seen with the eye, hence being called invisible.  They are fences that were designed to create a barrier between your pets and other dangerous areas or areas that they are not allowed to wander in.  A fence the is installed around your property is the best way to keep your animal safe and have the piece of mind that the pet will be there when you return.  An invisible pet fence can be either inground wired or wireless.  Inground fences are nice because once the homeowner sells the property, the new homeowner has an added benefit to their home.  But with wireless ones, they are portable and can be taken with the homeowner should they decide to sell their home.  Wireless ones run on batteries, while inground wired will require service if the wires become damaged.

Updating the exterior of your home is easy to do with either paint, garage doors or a garage makeover or an invisible pet fence.  These additions to your home will make them more valuable for not only you, but for your property value if you should resell your home.