Horse Barn Loans

Horse Barn Loans

If you have a love for horses, chances are you may already have a horse barn.  But even if you love the horse barn you have, a homeowner can add more value to the home and land by adding on. Or maybe you do not have a horse barn yet but need one for your horses.   Invest in your property and consider financing a horse barn to fulfill all your needs.

Prefab horse barns and horse barn kits are a great option for keeping your pets safe.  These barns can be purchased at a reasonable price, and  can be bought from a variety of companies.  Some of the horse kits include all the materials needed to put it together as well, one will just have to shop around for prices.  When purchasing a horse barn like this, it is best to know what sort of frame is included in the price.  Some are for wood frames and others have steel frames.  Find out what features come with the barn and what ones can be added on.  There are many different options one may wish to add on.  Maybe the homeowner feels that a weather vane would be a  nice addition.  Some like to have stall vents for the horses.  Others feel it is important to have a fixed window grill versus a hinged window grill.  All of these decisions will need to be made before ordering a kit.

Safety of the horses should be considered first and foremost.  Once this is considered, the homeowner can decide what type of horse barn is needed.  There are many varieties to pick from.  Gable barns offer an attractive option for a homeowner.  It was as popular years ago as it is today.  A gable barn features a triangular roof shape.

RCA barns, or raised center aisle barns, have a raised ceiling that is above a full center aisle loft that is full length.  This loft  has a large living space.  Since there is extra room, it may be used to be transformed into living space for the homeowner.

A third type of horse barn is the Gambrel barn. This type of barn is full of space.  This barn is impressive, and has lots of style.  At one time, dairy farmers loved it due to the fact that there was more space in this particular blueprint.

Keep in mind some things that will make your barn more successful.  One should want the stalls to be as big as possible. A rule of thumb is having the stall be at least 12′ by 12′, maybe even larger if you can swing it.  And having your center aisle as wide as you can get it makes anything you do in your horse barn much easier.  One should consider having a lean to roof added on as well.  Place this on the same side as the horse stalls so that horses can just walk from their stalls, out under the lean to if desired.  A lean to will keep the stalls drier, and also help to keep them cleaner.  And it gives the horse a shelter area as well.

Now you may wonder where you can place a horse barn.  A great tip is finding a higher elevated place to place the barn onto.  This allows rainwater to run off and keep the barn drier.  You will also want the North wind to blow across your barn, not through the center aisle.  These tips will help you make the most of your horse barn.

In a horse barn there are two different kinds of stables that can be used.  Traditional stables are a stable or group of stables that each have their own door that lead out to the pasture.  Benefits of this are that each stable will have adequate ventilation due to having a window in each unit, and since each horse is in their own location, there is less risk for cross contamination.  Some horses will need to be on rubber mats due to allergies, so this is a great way to be able to do this.

The other type of stable is a barn stabling.  Advantages of using this type of stabling is that all horses can see each other due to the grilles in between each stable, each stable leads out to the center aisle that will be used to access the pasture, and fresh air can flow through the stable from windows that are usually placed at the rear of the stable.

Did you know that many people love the look and feel of horse barns so much that they live in them? Barns can be converted into homes, and have a quaint look about them.  They are stylish and attractive, and have a great country feel to them. Homes can be made as a vacation home or a full time residence.  It is easy to add walls in the barn, and flooring to make it into a home.

Horse barns may have been designed for horses, but are no longer drab looking.  Many look like country houses, and can be lived in.  Many places that sell horse barns will have a section for home living as well. If you love horses, or the country feel, then a horse barn may be for you.