Interior Home Improvement Loans

Interior Home Improvement Loans

There are many home improvements that one can finance for the inside of the home.  These improvements will add not only beauty to the home, but also make a home more valuable.  Closets, home theater systems, energy efficient upgrades and handyman services are all ways that a home can be increased in value.

Closets are a great home improvement.  Closets will make a home appear to be less cluttered and there will be a home for everything.  From linen closets to food storage closets, it makes it easier to organize a home.  Closets hide messes, leaving the home feel and look more attractive.

A large family may wish to have a family closet.  A family closet is usually located near the bedrooms or the laundry room.  Basically, it is one large room where all clothing is stored for the entire family.  There are many benefits to having a family closet.  The first one is it eliminates the need for dressers in a bedroom, thus giving more space in that particular room.  It also makes doing laundry easier.  No need to go from room to room to put clothes away.  Since all clothes are stored in one spot, there is only one trip to make to put it all away. And cleaning the closet is a snap as well.  If a child outgrows a particular piece of clothing, pass it down to the next child.

Linen closets are a great way to keep your linens and like items organized and in one spot.  Shelving units added into the closet make it much easier to see what is all in the closet.  Consider adding baskets and tubs and labeling your items.  One could have a basket for all towels, bed sheets, toilet paper, extra blankets, and other toiletries. Consider adding adjustable shelves to this closet so as the needs change for the closet, it can handle it.

Food storage closets are great for storing food.  With a closet, you can easily place items that need to be used first up front, so there will be less waste in your house.  And less waste means more money in your pocketbook.

A home theater system is way to add some value to your home.  A home theater system will allow you and your family to entertain others and have a great time. These systems allow you to enjoy your movie experience more.  You will be able to enjoy the optimum sound quality better than if there was no home theater system.  And they are not only for movies.  Music can also be enjoyed on the system, making it easier to hear the music in your entire home.  They are easy to install and if you choose a wireless system, no messy wires will be hanging around, creating a clutter free home.

Every home owner should consider energy efficient upgrades. They will not only save you money but are also better for the environment in most cases. One simple upgrade to make is using CFLs.  Replace  your cheap light bulbs with these and you could save more than $100 in a 3 year time span.

Replace your air condition filter as well.  Clean it monthly and replace as needed. Dirty filters block the flow of air, so make sure to clean it well.

A great energy efficient upgrade is to install low flow fixtures. Shower heads and faucet aerators fall under this category.  Consider installing a programmable thermostat as well.  This could save your family 10% alone on the heating and cooling costs.

Insulate your water heater.  Add a jacket to it and make sure to insulate the pipes around the water heater.  This is a cheap way to save some extra cash each month.  And make sure to turn down the thermostat as well.  A household can get by with turning it down to 120 degrees.

A great test to have done in the home is the blower door test.  This test will see if there are any cracks and holes in your home that are allowing heat or cold air to escape.

One of the biggest ways to make your home more energy efficient is to upgrade all your appliances with ones sealed with the Energy star.  You can save between 10-30% on operating costs with these products that were designed to be more energy efficient.

All of the energy efficient upgrades can be done either as a do it yourself project or with the help of  handyman services.  More complicated ones may need the assistance of a handyman.

Making home improvements that are simple benefit every home, whether you notice it or not.  Closets will help to make a home seem more organized, home theaters allow entertainment to take place easily in the home, and energy efficient upgrades are worth the time it takes to have them installed by either you or a handyman service.