Plumbing and Electric Loans

Plumbing and Electric Loans

A homeowner may consider a pluming and electric finance to make their home improved. There are many options to do this.  Maybe replacing a water filter, or going with a geothermal system?  Or possibly by looking into a service that repairs or inspects elements that are already in the home.  This will improve the value of a home, as well as keep the home in great livable condition.

A tankless water heater is a great way to heat water in the home.  Models offer the continuous heating of water, so a homeowner never needs to worry about not having hot water.  There are many other benefits as well to a tankless water heater, making this heater a wonderful way to improve the home.  Did you know that tankless water heaters use less energy?  By up to 50%, which is a great savings.  And they have a long life span of over 20 years.  Imagine having a water heater that will last that long.  And they are easy to care for.  They save a consumer money since they only heat water when it is needed.  Water is not stored in a tankless water heater, so water will be cleaner and fresher as well since it is not stored in a tub like the traditional water heaters.  A feature that many like is the fact that they can be hung on the wall, reducing the need to have additional floor space for one.  And they can be placed inside the home or outside.

Geothermal systems are a wonderful choice for the environmentally friendly family.  These systems are the cleanest and greenest heating and cooling system.  They are also the most cost effective as well.  It is available all over the United States, and can save a family a great deal of money over the course of a year.  A geothermal system uses electricity found deep in the earth, using heat brought in by the earth on a cold day to warm your home on a chilly day, and cooled on a hot day by giving the heat back to the earth on a hot day.  A huge benefit of this system is that temperatures in the home will be even every day of the year.  These systems also offer a tax credit to the year 2016 by up to 30%.  And there is a limitless supply of renewable heat from the earth, making these systems reliable.  They have low maintenance cost, are affordable to install, have low operating costs, and are easy to service.  They are quite to use.  And many are astonished to know that the payback period is only 3 to 8 years.  Many times with a standard gas furnace, there is not a payback period.   Going geothermal reduces the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning since there is no combustion involved.  A good system will last 15 or more years.

There are so many wonderful benefits to using a water filtration system.  First of all, filtering your own water is inexpensive.  No more buying cases of water.  You can have the same tasting water, maybe and most likely even better!  Your water will be clean and free of all chemicals.  One may think that the water that runs out of their faucets is pure, but it can be loaded with organisms that live in the ground.  And even bathing with water without a filtration system can dry out the skin and wreak havoc on hair with the chlorine that is added to it.  Healthier skin and softer hair are a huge benefit to the system.

Many do not think of the fact that with a filtration system, air quality will be better as well.  No chemicals will be leaking out when the faucet is turned on.  And an added benefit will be that appliances will last longer due to the fact that hard water will no longer be an issue.

It is important to take care of your water filters and replace as needed.  Water usage and the quality of water will determine how often a filter should be replaced.  Filters are easy to replace and most generally do not require the assistance of a plumber.  Most filters need to replaced every 2 to 6 months, but that depends on how often water will be used.  More than likely if you have a bigger family, and are running more water, then you would want to change it out more frequently than if it is just one or two in the household.

Reverse Osmosis Systems are a great way to reduce contaminants in water as well.    The process of doing this is low energy, and is the exact same process that water bottling companies use.  Contaminants that are removed in this process include copper and lead, organic chemicals, as well as fluoride.  Cleaner, healthier water will be readily available for you and your family to consume.

Electric services may be needed  to install tankless water heaters, geothermal systems, water filtration systems and the reverse osmosis systems.  These services may also be able to point one in the right direction as to what type of system to purchase for the home.  Any of the systems would make great additions to a home to update it and give it more value.