Restoration Loans

Restoration Loans

Imagine being able to fully restore the home that you live in now to make it a dream come true. Well that dream can become a reality if one takes out restoration financing. Once this plan is set into place, it becomes real when the work is done.

Restoration of a home simply means restoring it back to how the home was originally intended to look. This is a process that often times will make the home more valuable not only in looks, but also in property value. Renovations are often done to make a home look better.

There are many things one can do to restore a home.  It depends on which type of restoration is needed.  Sometimes there are homes that homeowners want to fix up to be like they where when they were first built.  A home can be considered to be historic if it were built before 1950.  Other times a home has to be renovated due to tragedies that happen.  This is known as disaster restoration.

If one wishes to do a historic restoration, there are many things to consider.  It is important to look at how the house originally was. Look at old pictures, deeds, or ask anyone in the neighborhood if they can tell you about the house. This may help with keeping the restoration as close to the original construction.

One should also keep the same floor plan as the original house. Many do not realize that in older homes, the way the house is laid out is really very logical.  If a home has been previously restored, the homeowner may need to look back and restore again what was taken out from the original setting. This may include something such as a dining room, or a sitting room in order to give more space to another room or create a more open look and feel to a home.

In older homes, it is nice to restore staircases as well if doing a historic renovation. It is not difficult to restore rails and posts on staircases, and replace the treads on the steps.

One element that should be renovated is woodwork in houses. Older homes usually had a great deal of wood work throughout the home. Sometimes the wood was very elaborate and ornate as well. But even if the wood did not have a lot to it, it most likely made the home gorgeous. Restoring the wood will add character and beauty.

Other items that should be renovated in a home when doing a historic renovation should be the plaster surfaces, as well as windows and doors. And one should not forget about the flooring. If a home was built with wooden floors, it is always nice to restore them to the original beauty and show case them off in the home.

Hardware should be something that is renovated in homes that are being restored. Many will overlook this aspect but it is an important detail. Hardware gets lots of wear and tear, and often has to be replaced. Look around the home and see what there is for hardware and then see what closely matches to the time frame the house was built in. Then go from there in selecting the hardware that you will need for your home.

If a tornado, bad storm, or hurricane strike, there may be a need to do a disaster restoration on the home.  This type of restoration may also be used for floods and fires and any other casualty.  If a home is damaged from water, it is best to stay out of the rooms that have sagging ceilings.  Ventilate the area well so it can start to dry out, and start by using a vacuum made for wet areas.  One will want to try and get the water out as fast as they can so mold and mildew do not start to form.  If there is damage from a fire, make sure to open any windows to ventilate the area, and only enter a building that is structurally sound.  Work as fast as you can to get the area cleaned up efficiently.  Corrosive gasses that are left from a fire that are in contact with metal surfaces will damage the surface more than if it were cleaned off right away.  Handle everything with caution in both cases in case there are sharp or rough pieces of glass or other items.

Whichever type of restoration your home needs, know that it will only improve the value of it.  When homes are renovated to look like they once did, they attract homeowners that are appreciative of beauty.  And homes that are restored due to a disaster, it brings the home value up to what it was  before the tragedy, if not valuing the home at more.