Sunroom and Patio Loans

Sunroom and Patio Loans

A perfect home improvement is updating the sunroom or patio.  These areas get much use out of them when the weather is nice.  Consider using financing for sunrooms and patios to make it a haven for you and your family.

A sunroom is a great addition to a home.  Think of moments that you can spend in the room.  Maybe a lazy Sunday morning drinking coffee and reading the paper.  Or having a BBQ with close family and friends.  Or enjoying any hobby, such as reading a book, painting, or just simply watching nature.  A sunroom will allow you to see nature and all its beauty but be protected from the elements of bugs and wind and rain.  And since a sunroom is full of screened windows, you can open them up and enjoy the fresh air, which is rather relaxing and can calm you down.

Sunrooms make a home more valuable.  Many prospective home buyers want sunrooms so they can relax as well as spend quality time with family while still enjoying nature.  And for those homeowners with pets, they will say that having a sunroom is essential for them so they can be safe from outside yet still enjoy the outdoors as much as possible.

A patio is a place where family can enjoy outside time and still do the things that they love to do.  Many families have their grills set up on a patio so they can either make meals for the family or entertain guest that have showed up.  An awning added to a patio looks attractive, and can make the patio much cooler.  On average, it can keep a patio up to 20 degrees cooler. And awnings come in a variety of colors and patterns, so one is sure to look great on your home. Awnings will also block the harmful UV rays, and help offset your air conditioning costs.  An awning will block the sun’s exposure to from windows and walls and keep the inside of a home much cooler.

A screened porch is much like a patio.  It allows homeowners to enjoy the outdoors but be protected from any element as well. The porch allows a breeze to be blown through even though it is enclosed.   And a screened porch will keep you cooler than just sitting on a patio or a deck.  If one lives in an extremely hot or humid area, a ceiling fan can be added to maximize air flow. A porch that is enclosed adds much more value than a porch that is not enclosed.

Another benefit of a screened enclosure is that kids do not have to be stuck inside on rainy days.  Screened enclosures are a wonderful and safe way for kids to get the fresh air that they need without being trapped inside.  A screened enclosure makes the perfect play area, and the parents will always know what their children are up to.

A room addition, such as a sunroom or a screened room, allows a family to enjoy the outdoors without having to brave the elements.  Sunrooms and the like are a hot commodity and a home with one will shout out appeal to those looking at homes to purchase.

A loggias is an open sitting area that has one or more sides open. These are very attractive on homes and give a Mediterranean feel to the home. It is often roofed and usually overlooks a court.  They offer a classical look to the home as well.  It is supported by columns or pierced openings in the wall.  Homes may also feature double loggias in which on the second story there is a loggia directly over the loggia on the first story.  A loggia is only accessed from the inside of the home.

Many homes have a lanais, a fully furnished room that is used for living.  A lanais is basically a veranda.  The word comes for Hawaii and means porch or balcony. Many times this area is shared with a pool or a spa.  A lanais will look fabulous with patio furniture and plants.  Hanging plants will also add to the ambiance of the setting.

If one is thinking of building a pool, then consider a pool enclosure.  With a pool enclosure, the family can enjoy the pool all year long in super hot temperatures and when it is cold and snowy or windy and rainy.  The nice thing about adding a pool enclosure is that it gives the home more living space, which will greatly up the property value.  An enclosure will turn your pool area into a haven that is free from radical elements and nature, such as bugs and birds.

Designing an outdoor space can be fun because there are so many neat ways to incorporate a living space that is relaxing and brings the family closer together.  Consider a sunroom or other enclosed room to let you enjoy the weather without fully braving all the elements.  Add space with a lanais, loggias, or pool enclosure. And know that you can cool your home with an awning.  These additions will all look fabulous on a home, and increase value and worth to the home.