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About Wildlife X Team:

Wildlife X Team is an emerging leader in urban wildlife control and leaders in developing a wildlife control franchise. With emphasis on repairs, prevention and control with a commitment to the humane treatment of wildlife. Exceptional client service and satisfaction are extremely valuable to our model and we would expect our franchisees to operate the same way with their Wildlife X Team Franchise. Wildlife X Team expects to rapidly become the leader in the market it serves. Its team of well-trained, experienced wildlife specialists are backed by high quality marketing and administrative systems which you can take advantage of when you have your own Wildlife X Team Franchise.

Wildlife X Team International is launching a national expansion of its urban wildlife control business through corporate owned facilities and/or franchises.

Owning and operating a Wildlife X Team Franchise is an opportunity to participate in the nuisance wildlife management industry which can be both enjoyable and profitable. Franchise owners can develop the independence associated with small business ownership while certain services are provided by the franchisor in a Wildlife X Team Franchise.