Hvac Financing and Your Budget

Feb 12, 2013
Jeff Lillie
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HVAC financing is available to help you with any project that you may want to do around the house. This can include a new furnace, heat pump or air conditioner or a simple replacement for a unit that is less energy efficient than the current models. If you have not had an energy audit in several years you may want to talk to your local Heating and Air professional as they can help you asses whether it is cost effective to repair or replace your unit. There are simple and more involved test that can be done to look at your individual situation. Many times the ability to finance and stretch out the payments for the new unit can influence whether it is prudent to replace the old unit. The first step is to contact a local HVAC professional. They will do an inspection of your old unit and make several recommendations. You should consider all options to determine the most cost effective and energy efficient solution for the short and long term. As you narrow down your options you can begin looking to see if financing is right for your situation. There are many loan and 0% credit card options available depending on your credit, income and overall credit picture. Many time a simple 5 or 7 year loan is the best option and these are usually unsecured, meaning they do not require collateral or equity in your home. Additionally there are 0% credit cards that can be used that will save you a bundle on interest if you are disciplined in paying the card off before the intro rate expires. Many families use these cards even when they have the cash in hand to pay for the new unit simply because it is such a great deal and the know they will pay it off. The monthly payments makes things easier to budget that way. If you need to repair or replace a HVAC unit in your home it may make sense to consider all financing options to see if it is a good fit for you and your family.