How to Choose the Best 0% Credit Card for Home Improvement

Oct 7, 2013
Jeff Lillie

0% credit cards are very popular with do it yourself types as well as consumers that are working with contractors. When looking to fund a new home project or required repair you would be very wise to consider taking advantage of a zero percent credit card to fund your project. Many people are opposed to using credit cards unless its of an emergency but the smart shopper knows that there are many very attractive offers that can not only help fund your project but can save you money in the process. Many of the 0% credit cards come with what is called a teaser rate. These rates can be at 0% APR for an intro period and then they revert back to a market rate after the teaser period is over. Many of the savvy shoppers utilize these cards for their purchase and will pay them off before the 0% term is up and essentially get free money for their project. This is often the case even if you have the cash it allows you to spread your payments out and make the job more affordable for your family budget. Some of the best programs available go up to 0% APR for 18 months.

If you use good common sense and do not over extend yourself and have good financial discipline you can use a 0% credit card for home improvement to your advantage. There are many cards from different issuers to choose from and you should compare the rates and terms carefully to make sure that they will suit your needs. Some of the 0% cards for home improvement even have no late fees and no penalty fees. Lastly if you have recently used a current credit card that you have for home improvement there is an opportunity to do a balance transfer to another card that allows balance transfers at 0% APR for up to 18 months. You will need to read the terms of use of these cards since most have a small balance transfer fee as well. Be smart and research all of the options and you will be sure to find a great 0% credit card for home improvement.